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For companies in search of a high-
Quality commercial location

New qualities for new perspectives: the ecopark provides companies the
opportunity to offer their own employees a commercial location of 
quality. Individual corporate ideas can become a sustainable reality at 
ecopark. With direct traffic links and unique landscaping – in the heart of a
healthy, high-growth region.

Future-oriented companies – no matter what their industry – are 
more dependent
today than ever on qualified employees. The
 shortage of trained professionals in
Germany does not ease the task of 
finding employees. It is even more important
for the company to be an 
attractive employer. High-quality surroundings are a
decisive success factor in this process. The quality of location becomes
increasingly important.

Employees in the ecopark profit from a modern work environment in 
surroundings. And the companies benefit from new growth prospects. 
In this
way, everyone in the ecopark can discover for themselves what it means to
“experience work:” more job quality – more quality of life.

Today, more than 900 people are already employed at the ecopark. The
construction section has now been developed. This is the chance for interested
companies to discover the ecopark for themselves – and to reap the
 Experience our ideas about professional life: a unique combination of
eco(nomy) and an attractive (landscape) park. In a word: ecopark.

Individual consulting:
+49 4473 92666-33