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Working more productively in the park

Beautiful vistas: the ecopark is designed like a park – not like a classic
commercial area. This is entirely in the interest of the employees. And naturally
of the employer: because workers are more productive in a place where they feel

The urban-planning qualities extend even beyond the attractive landscaping with
many green and open spaces, making it possible to take an active break in a
natural environment, for example. Cooperation with child-care centers in the
immediate vicinity ensures the compatibility of job and family. For you, this
means a location that provides ideal conditions for attracting skilled employees
or executives to your company.

But not just the ecopark itself is appealing: its region – the Oldenburg
Münsterland – is an area where people are happy to live. It offers your
employees attractive living spaces and low-cost building land. In addition, there
are many family-oriented attractions and countless recreational activities. The
popular local recreation areas include the Thülsfeld Dam, the Dümmer
watersport center, the heavily forested Damme Hills, and the Cloppenburg
museum village, one of the oldest open-air museums in Germany.

You can experience the region’s cultural diversity in the city of
 Whether theaters, museums, concerts, or literary readings –
everyone will find what they are looking for here. Speaking of “searching”, you
will have no trouble finding qualified young personnel in the Oldenburg
Münsterland. There are four institutions of higher learning in the region (the
universities of Oldenburg, Osnabrück, and Vechta as well as the Vechta
University of Applied Sciences).

Take advantage of the location in this high-growth region together with the
benefits of the ecopark for your corporate and personnel marketing.

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